Media Relations


Today’s media marketplace is in hyperdrive.

There have never been more media outlets, and each of them is competing to get the big story FIRST. 
Then there's social media - the place where growing numbers of people are getting their news - often, before the conventional media is even aware that something is going on.
The story you want to tell and the one the media wants to sell aren’t always the same. So you need a strategic communications counsel that knows how to make your good news interesting and how to deliver the fairest picture if you’ve got a tough story.  You need counsel that understands where conventional and social media intersect, and how you need to manage each.
That’s where Reputation Strategies comes in. We’ve got extensive experience in telling the stories of rapidly growing businesses. We’ve placed countless stories on innovations and the personalities that drive them. And, we’ve successfully managed the tough ones – stories that can shake public perception of companies to the core.
If you’ve got a story that must be told, contact Reputation Strategies – building, enhancing and protecting your image