Crisis communications planning

Do you know the risks your company faces? Do you fully understand what can go wrong, or how the media and your social media following will react to your situation? 
During major events, you'll have both internal and external stakeholder groups that must be kept informed.  The internal communications are as challenging and vital as external ones; errors made internally almost invariably become public. 
It's nearly impossible to manage all aspects of communications during emergencies on the fly.  To be effective, you need a plan - and you need to pre-identify the human and physical resources required to manage the situation.
Reputation Strategies specializes in comprehensive crisis communications planning, including risk assessment and the creation of customized, flexible emergency communications plans that will prepare your organization to manage bad news of any type or scale.  We carefully assess your physical and human resources, identify external resources that can be called in at a moment's notice, and identify clear lines of communication with relevant local, state and federal agencies that may become involved in incidents.
We then create a plan that dovetails with your emergency operations procedures, and train your key staff in its use.